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Make sure your roof is ready for rough weather

There's more to your roof than your gutters. Fascia is a vertical edge that protects the edge of your roof from certain weather conditions, such as rain water seeping under your roof and causing leaks. A soffit protects the underside of your roof from the elements while providing ventilation for an attic space.


If you're experiencing a leaky roof or animals getting into your home or commercial property, the problem may be with your fascia or soffit. Call Affordable Seamless Gutters to find the problem and fix it.

We stand by our work

When you call us for a job, you'll get the highest quality service and the best materials available. We're proud of the work we do that's why all of our labor jobs come with a 3-year warranty on any materials we install on your property.

What we can do for you:

•  Wood and aluminum fascia installation

•  Vinyl soffit installation

•  Soffit wood sheeting

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